Texas Bar’s International Section
Cuba Trip

March 29 – April 3, 2016

This is an exciting time in US-Cuba relations. Recent announcements from the White House of a new and relaxed policy towards Cuba are generating substantial interest from the business and legal community in America. Many Americans wish to see the island before the inevitable changes take place. If the process of normalization moves forward, new opportunities in trade and commerce will follow as well as a predicted tsunami of visitors from America.

The Texas Bar Association will travel to Cuba and get an in depth look at the Cuban legal system while at the same time experiencing a rich assortment of cultural attractions.

The United States and Cuba have been split over ideology for many years, and I hope you share our philosophy that bringing our legal communities together and constructively engaging each other will lead to goodwill and trust.

A visit to Cuba during this historic period represents a form of citizen diplomacy that helps strengthen the trust and understanding between our two nations as well as connecting two legal communities that can learn from one another.

The intent of our trip is to engage in dialogue and have an honest exchange of views to aid a mutual understanding of each other’s legal system and culture.

Cost and Registration

The cost is $3,950 for a double room occupancy (per person) or $4,350 for single room occupancy. That includes airfare, hotel, tours, and some meals.

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The Itinerary

A professional travel agency, Cuba Cultural Travel, has prepared the attached itinerary so that it complies with US Government regulations and provides a full and fascinating fact-finding introduction to Cuba and its people. Please note that the itinerary also includes the Tour Costs and Conditions. For example, the trip includes airfare from Miami to Havana, three-night stay at the five-star Hotel Parque Central, and days filled with cultural and interactive activities.

You may contact Laura Adams via email at Laura@CubaCulturalTravel.com or by phone at (760) 645-3269 Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm PST with any questions.