NameArticle I

Section 1: This Section shall be known as the International Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.


Section 1: The purpose of this Section shall be to promote the objects and purposes of the State Bar of Texas in the field of International Law by:

(a) Conducting studies, analyses, and conferences with respect to Federal, State and foreign legislation, new and existing, affecting transnational legal and business transactions;

(b) Preparing reports and other educational material with respect to such studies, analyses, and conferences for presentation to and the enhancement of the skills of the interested members of the State Bar of Texas;

(c) Cooperating and working with the various law schools of the State, institutions, and foundations in their work in the international field;

(d) Encouraging the exchange of law professors and students between other nations and this State and the United States;

(e) Cooperating and working with other bar associations, whether local, state, national, or international, and any of their sections or committees, that work in the area of International Law;

(f)  Encouraging cordial association and exchange of ideas and visits between officers and members of the State Bar and officers and members of the bars of other countries in order to promote greater understanding of the differences and similarities of the various legal systems; and

(g)  Undertaking and promoting such other work and projects as might reasonably be expected to enhance and advance the knowledge and understanding of international legal problems and the availability of such knowledge and understanding to the members of the State Bar of Texas and others;

all subject to and consistent with the Bylaws of this Section and the Bylaws, purposes, and objectives of the State Bar of Texas.

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